About Us


(very fine grinding) of bulk materials is our core technology. The jet grinding method allows us to process material with an input particle size of up to 10 millimetres to an output size of a few microns. The production line can grind materials of any hardness. Most of the elements are of our own design and the main component – the jet mill – is patent protected.



is another technology we work with. We crush materials with an input particle size of tens of centimetres to an output size in the order of millimetres. We process materials with extreme levels of hardness and abrasiveness.


Waste recycling

This is an increasingly important issue today due to increasing demands for environmental protection, diminishing supplies of primary raw materials and reduced energy consumption in production. We are able to formulate various solutions that either return the waste in its treated form to production or recycle it for further use.


New material combinations

We work with research institutes and industrial development centres to find product formulations with previously unused material combinations.


We are constantly learning and developing to help our customers successfully solve their projects.