About Us



Micronisation (very fine grinding) of bulk materials is our primary interest. We micronise using jet milling technology adapted to our needs. Our production line is simple in design and operation and can grind materials of any hardness. Most of the elements are of our own design and the main part – the micronising jet mill – is protected by an international patent.


Another issue of interest to us is the problem of waste from industrial production. This issue is becoming more and more relevant today due to increasing demands for environmental protection, dwindling supplies of primary raw materials and the need to reduce the energy intensity of production. We are able to formulate various solutions to either return the waste in its treated form to production or to recycle it for further use.


We focus on materials that can be crushed and ground, giving preference to those that are not yet in common use in a recycled form. We also aim to create new material combinations and composite materials, working with both research institutions and industrial development centres.


We are still developing. We want to get better and better, especially for the sake of our customers, whom we help to solve their projects.